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2015: A Year in Review at Joe’s



As the year comes to a close and staff at Joe’s are getting prepared for our annual sellout Kid’s New Year’s Eve Party and our Adult New Year’s Eve Bash, we thought the time was appropriate to reflect on all the important milestones and changes we’ve witnessed over the course of the 2015 year.

Some of the highlights include the success of both our Kid’s and Adult’s St. Patrick’s Day Parties which continues to demonstrate our commitment and ability to provide both a family friendly environment and a fun sport’s bar atmosphere.

In May, we saw the launch of a whole new menu featuring two well-received signature cocktails: the Lube-n-Aid and the Rev’d Up Ice Tea. As anticipated, over the summer our outdoor patio was a feature of the Burlington downtown restaurant and bar scene.

In thinking about families who frequent Joe’s, we launched an All-U-Can-Eat Spaghetti special in August, geared towards those who love to take their families out for dinner but don’t want to break the bank doing so.

As the summer wound down, we revved up our focus on community engagement through staff donating and/or participating in the CIBC Run for the Cure and the Movember Foundation. As always, we hosted our Customer Appreciation Day on Christmas Eve to recognize our dedicated customers and their steadfast support.

At Joe’s we’ve adopted the motto that with the new year brings new changes. So we’re happy to announce that we’ve made the switch to Labatt as our supplier. With this change brings a whole new exciting array of draught beers including: Budweiser, Bud Light, Alexander Keith’s IPA, Alexander Keith’s Red, Rolling Rock, Stella, Shock Top Belgian White, Goose Island IPA and Goose Island Honkers Ale.


Burlington Post Readers’ Choice Award Nominations:

Best: Bar, Family Restaurant, Outdoor Patio, Wings

Best: Live Entertainment, Sport’s Bar

NFL comes to sports bars

A sports bar is a place where people who share the same passions come together in order to have a good time. This is the reason why all people who like sports in general spend a lot of time in sports bars. After all, those are the places where they can have a great time enjoying the best of life, including awesome sports, a great company, high quality services, delicious food, and incredible drinks.

Joe Dog’s Gas Grill is considered to be one of the best sports bars from the area, and this happens because this is a place where people’s needs come on the first place. There are many things that can be said about this place, and therefore it is essential to pay attention in order to know more about it and its excellent service.

NFL and Joe Dog’s Gas Grill
The National Football League is one of the most important events from the world of sports, and therefore it is no wonder that many sports bars are focusing their attention on this event, including the famous Joe Dog’s Gas Grill. After all, what can be better than enjoying your favorite event while eating the best food from the town? Additionally, you get to spend time with your friends in a place where you feel like being at home.

NFL requires a few victory drinks
Since NFL is a very important event that is followed by many people, it should be celebrated in the proper manner. Luckily, Joe Dog’s Gas Grill knows this, and therefore it has managed to create a great atmosphere that is appreciated by many sports fans. In this way they can have a drink whenever their favorite team wins, but also whenever the team loses. After all, a drink is good for both the occasions.
sports bar burlington
NFL is only one event
It’s very important to keep in mind that the National Football League is only one of many events that happen during the year, and therefore people will be able to enjoy many other events that take place at Joe Dog’s Gas Grill. Now that you know this you should be able to make a plan of the days when you want to go there with the guys.
Some people believe that the National Football League is an event especially created for men, who are football fans. However, this is not true, and therefore you should keep in mind that this event is also for women who are sports fans and who like to have a good time. These women are not boring, and they know where to go in order to have fun.
Now that you have this information about NFL and Joe Dog’s Gas Grill, you should come here in order to have a great time with your friends. In this way you will be able to create some awesome memories that are worth keeping. As you can see, there are many reasons why you should come here.

Best sports bar from Burlington


Joe Dog’s Gasbar Grill is a sports bar that is actually family oriented, being one of the best restaurants from Burlington. Besides this, you should know that this place is quite popular, especially because this is one of the few places where you can actually have fun.

A successful restaurant is a combination of several ingredients, such as delicious food, amazing specialties, great promotions (such as Friday night or the cheap beers from Wednesday), entertaining atmosphere, competitive prices, and friendly staff. If a restaurant is able to check all these ingredients, it will be a step closer towards success.

The truth is that almost anyone who has visited this place had a kind word to say, and therefore it easy to make the conclusion that this is one of the best places from Burlington. No matter if you are ordering the best burger from the area or the delicious and popular chicken wings, you will have a reason to come back. The music is great, and the discussions are always interesting. This is a great place for crowds of people, but it is also perfect for a family escapade. Even if it is not recommendable to let your children eat too many burgers, from time to time you should let them order some. This might be a reward, a monthly feast, or a family day.

Happy Hour Menu-June 2014-revisedHow has managed Joe Dog’s Gasbar Grill to become the best sports bar from Burlington?

This is an interesting question that is worth to be analyzed, especially by those who care about the place where they are eating. The truth is that people care about the place where they are eating, and therefore they will always try to find the best place from the area. If you think about this argument, then you might believe that Joe Dog’s Gasbar Grill is considered to be the best sports bar because there is an increasing number of people who are visiting this place. Besides the amazing food that is always delicious, you can also have a great time with your friends, this being an amazing place for large gatherings. Once you get to visit this restaurant you will see with your own eyes that it is the best from Burlington and you won’t need any more reasons in order to believe it.

Why are sports bars successful in Burlington?

Well, the truth is that they are successful everywhere, but since we are talking about places from Burlington, it seems only fair to put the question in this way. The main reason would be that they are more engaging, and the people who come here are more open-minded, being able to influence the overall atmosphere. It is safe to say that no one can say for sure that sports bars from Burlington are successful, and yet, everyone can agree that this place is definitely a big hit, being one of the most successful restaurants from the entire area of Burlington.



Best burgers from a Burlington restaurant


Probably you already know that Burlington is a place that has many things you offer, and therefore you will be surprised that here you can also find the best burgers from the city. As you well know, burgers are not the main attraction of the restaurants, and yet, in Burlington they have managed to overcome their position.
If there is anything you should know about Joe Dog’s Gasbar Grill is the fact that this is a place especially designed for those who are into sports and great food. As you well know, this is a great combination that might be considered to be the recipe of success. At least, it has managed to ensure the success of this unique place.

Why are burgers a big hit in this restaurant?

There are many people who are wondering about the fact that burgers have managed to become very popular in this Burlington restaurant. The truth is that usually people go to the fast-food in order to eat burgers and they go to the restaurants in order to eat cooked meals. However, in this place it seems that people are coming to eat the delicious burgers that have managed to become some kind of local attraction. One answer might be that this restaurant that has a sports theme has managed to figure out the favorite food consumed while watching sports. Even just talking about it, people might feel the need to eat a delicious burger. There are some people who argue that the burgers from this restaurants are better than any other burgers, while other people actually believe that this is the place that serves the best burgers from the entire world. However, this last affirmation is arguable, but anyway, no one can say anything about other people’s personal opinions.Joe Dogs burger

Is this restaurant popular because it has a sports theme?

No one can argue with the fact that this restaurant is very popular, and therefore you should seriously think about the true reasons it managed to become so well-known in the entire area. If there is anything that everyone agrees upon is the fact that this is a place where you can have the time of your life. It seems that fun has been invented in this restaurant from Burlington, and therefore you should definitely come here. There is no denying in the fact that this restaurant is popular thanks to the sports theme, but it is risky to say that this is the only reason of its popularity. After all, this is a place where you can find amazing food at acceptable prices. This is the perfect place where you can go out with your friends in order to have fun. Additionally, here you can find the best burgers from the area, which is not debatable.
Now that you have more information about this amazing place you should come here in order to taste the best burgers from the entire area of Burlington.

Blending Amazing Food with Great Entertainment at Burlington Sports Bars


Burlington sports bars know how to mix passions

Burlington sports bars have something unique that make people addictive. The truth is that no one knows how to explain this. There are a few speculations that actually say that the success of a sports bar lays in the fact that it knows how to combine two of the most important passions from a man’s life, i.e. sports and food. This is a reasonable explanation, especially because most of the men have these passions. Additionally, the best sports bars offer you a great atmosphere and the best food from the area.

If there is a recipe of success for the development of a restaurant, then it is the fact to provide exactly what people need. A friendly staff and a delicious meal are a great plus that will count at the end. Everyone should have a favorite place, and if you are looking for that place and you live in Ontario, then you should find the best from Burlington sports bars. In this way you will have an amazing time spent with your friends.

Burlington sports bars make you feel like home

If you like spending time with your friends, then you will need a place where to hang out. There are many restaurants that offer quality services and great food, but not all of them offer you the possibility to feel like home. You can stay comfortable in your seat, having fun with your friends, and therefore you will be able to feel like home, without being restrained by very strict rules. As you can see, you can have the best from both worlds. From this point of view, Canadian sports restaurants are very popular throughout the world, offering the best services.

People love hanging out in places where they feel comfortable and where they can get exactly what they want. The only question that remains is whether you like it or not. These Burlington sports bars are amazing and they offer so many things to all of their clients, and therefore their target audience is represent by a great amount of different kind of individuals. From businessmen to simple workers, there are many people who prefer these places where they can have a great time. It is hard to find the best sports bar that is able to offer you exactly what you need, and therefore you will need all the help you get. You can visit many places, but it is already guaranteed the fact that you will absolutely like this bar where you will get everything you need. You can feel like home in a place where every meal makes you remember of those times when you used to have family dinners, talking about sports. However, if you truly want to find out more, you should pay a visit.

Right now you should seriously think about Joe Dog’s Gasbar Grill, a place where you can have it all.

Are sports bars all about sports?



You probably known that most of the Americans hang out in sports bars. Maybe you have some friends, a few co-workers, or some relatives who spend their evenings there. The girl next door, that lady from the spa, or the boy from the tram are also going on a regular basis to a sports bar. Usually people go there in groups, but from time to time you can spot a lonely person who just wants to have a beer and to see the match.

Are sports bars especially designed for sports lovers?

There is the belief that if you are not into sports you should stay away from sports bars. You have probably heard this, and since you believe that it is true, you have managed to stay as far away as possible. However, even if the main theme is indeed represented by sports, the sports bars are much more than that. Therefore, it is no need to be into sports in order to find your place and to tell a joke, trying one of the best meals. As you can see, there are many possibilities in a sports bar, you just need to find out which one is the best for you.

How to choose the best sports bar

There are many people who have found a place where they can go whenever they want, being something like their second home. They have chosen the best sports bar based on their own needs. Therefore, before starting to look for the best sports bar, you should think about what you need from a sports bar. Maybe you want to find something close to your home, or on the contrary, you want something closer to your work. This depends on various reasons, but the main one being whether you hang out with co-workers or not. You can also take music and food into account, but also the staff and the other people who hang out there. The general mood is very important.

Additional information about sports bars

As you have probably seen, a sports bar is a place where different people come to the same place in order to have fun. This may be a great place to get a date, or just to hang out with friends, and even both. Therefore, if you want to make from fun a weekly tradition, you should visit a great sports bar. It is easy to choose one, and therefore you will be able to find the best place without any problem.

Now that you know more about sports time, it is time and check out the best one. You will be amazed by the friendly staff that will receive you. Create your own memories in a great place where your dreams may come true. Be with your friends and have a great time. There is no need to stay home when you can go out and have fun, choosing a place where you feel great, like home.

Why are sports bars preferred by Canadians?

Burlington Sports Bar

There is no novelty that most of the people prefer to hang out in sports bars. Therefore, if you are tourists who have come to find the Canadian dream, you will want to have veritable Canadian experiences. Therefore it is no wonder that the majority of the foreign tourists have visited at least once a sports bar.

Sports Bars – A way to be in family

People love to hang out in places where they can feel at home. After all, home is a feeling and not a place. Therefore, it is quite easy and true to say that the best sports bars that are on the market have something that makes them home. Maybe is the fact that you hang out with your closest friends, sharing jokes, laughter, and a great time. Or maybe is the fact that in these places you can eat a delicious meal, just like at your mother’s. You can relieve those old times when you used to watch the match with your dad or to discuss the latest sports event with your best friends. There are many reasons why these bars often the unique feeling of home.

How to spot a great Sports Bar

Wings 4 a Year Contest1

There are many sports bars all around the country, but the best ones are those where you enter and you feel that you belong there. There are places that after only one meal you already have a regular, where you have a table that is yours because you stay there almost every evening. Therefore, if you enter in such a place, and you are received by friendly faces, you can be sure that you have reached your destination. Sometimes it is hard to find the best sports bar, and therefore you will have to wander from one place to another, while other times you know that you are there just by entering and seeing the atmosphere.

Why do you like Sports Bars?

As you can see, there are numerous reasons why most of the Canadians love sports bars. Now it is time to think about it and to figure out the reason why you love them too. It may the food, the music, the feeling of belonging in a community, or the happiness to find someone who shares the same hobbies. Each individual has a personal set of reasons, and now it is time to think what your reasons are. There is no need to let yourself influenced by others. You just need to find the right feelings.

General opinions about Sports Bars

For most of the people, hanging out in the best sports bar is a feeling, something so unique and special that it is hard to be explained. Therefore, it is no wonder that people are choosing a place where they can feel comfortable, having the time of their lives and creating memories and traditions. For many people from Canada, hanging out in a sports bar has become a tradition.



Find the Best Sports Bar from your city


Sports bars are places where you can enjoy your favorite activities. This means that you will be able to find a place to hang out with those who share the same hobbies as you, having the opportunity to have a cold beer and a tasty meal.

Why do you like sports bars?

Sports bars are way better than regular bars, offering you the opportunity to have fun and to watch your favorite games with your buddies. Additionally, you can have a delicious meal, being able to enjoy the best from the menu. The music is great and the atmosphere will make you forget about your problems. Therefore, it is no wonder that there is an increasing number of people who spend their evenings in sports bars, having a great time in a veritable American setting. This is also the reason why you prefer sports bars instead of regular bars. In a sports bar the fun is guaranteed.

Why is Joe Dog’s Gasbar Grill the best sports bar from the town?

Even if there are many sports bars, you probably want to find a place where you feel amazing, being able to share memorable moments with your friends. 1208888_631561950199311_1753873942_nBesides this, you will want a place where the food is wonderful and the staff is friendly and always at your service. Taking all this into account, if you are willing take a look to this website, reading some of the reviews, you will be able to see that Joe Dog’s Gasbar Grill is the best sports bar from Burlington.

We are aware that there are many bars that offer great services. However, if you are looking for a place where you can have fun in an energetic and lively environment, you should come here and check out this place. Once you have tried our tasty meals and you have had a great time with your friends, you will certainly become a regular. This is a sports bar that will offer you exactly what you need after a long day at work.Sports Bar in Burlington Ontario

Why should you choose the specials provided by this sports bar?

As you can see, there are many reasons why people like hanging out in sports bars, and even more why people like hanging out in Joe Dog’s Gasbar Grill. Therefore, you might have every reason to come here and try out the specials offered by this amazing place where the clients feel like home. The ultimate purpose of any sports bar is to allow the customers to have fun and to feel comfortable, being able to spend their evenings in a place where besides delicious menus, they can also enjoy the specials, which differ from one day to another. Therefore you won’t be bores, and you will also know what to expect. The best thing about sports bars is the fact that they are able to create a routine without boring the clients, who know that they have found the best place.



Joe Dog’s Gasbar Grill- Incredibly Amazing Sports Bar Burlington

Looking for a sports bar in Burlington? After hectic office hours, most people like to visit a sport bar where they can relax, have fun and be what they want to amidst all the crazy crowd. The atmosphere of a sports bar is lively and full of energy all year round, especially during Nhl Hockey and Nfl games so on. If you’re looking for one such sports bar in Burlington, then Joe Dog’s Gasbar Grill can be your best bet.Burlington_Sports_Bar

With excellent service, warm and friendly atmosphere and tasteful food, this makes a perfect Friday spot for many locals in Burlington. The staff at the sports bar work on the principle of “service is a priority”, making it one of the well-manner and well-organized hang out place in town. With weekly specials and special discounts, it should not come out as a surprise if you find this place always packed. As far as ambiance is concerned, the owners have collected and decorated the restaurant in a pleasant and friendly manner to make your every visit a memorable one. Let’s take a look at some weekly specials you can find here:


Discounted Pints – 11 am to 4 pm

Discounted Yankee Cans – All Day


Discounted Pints – 11 am to 4 pm

Free meals for kids with the purchase of one Entrée, Comfort Food or Pasta.


Discounted Pints – 11 am to 4 pm

911 Night – Featuring Domestic Bottles, Well Shots, Pints and Wings all day


Discounted Pints – 11 am to 4 pm

Discounted Imported Bottles – All Day



Discounted Pints – 11 am to 6 pm

Best Happy Hour in Town and Complimentary Apps in the Bar Area from 4 pm to 7 pm

Live Band 10:30 till the closing time.


Weekend Breakfast – 10 am to 2 pm

10 oz cut of Prime Rib – $13.99 till 5pm

Live Band 10:30 until the closing time.


Weekend Breakfast – 10 am to 2 pm

Big Ticket Sundays – Featuring Ribs, Chili, Wing Platters, Meatloaf and Tallboy Cans.

You can check the official website of Joe Dog’s Gasbar Grill sports bar Burlington to know about latest weekly special and other discount offerings; they tend to change them from time to time. You also avail discounts on your purchase through their special discount coupons available online. From a college going student to a professional adult, this place is like heaven for everyone seeking a good break from their regular routine. Customer reviews and testimonials available on the internet makes it evidently one of the most amazing places to hang out on weekends, as well weekdays in Burlington. Whether you’re a local or a visiting the town for the first time, do not forget to try out the delicious menu items at the restaurant. You’ll definitely like to visit again!



Bar and Grill

You shouldn’t mess with perfection…that’s what all of our customers said…but now that they’ve tried our new menu…they’re biting their tongues and biting into our delicious new menu items!

That’s not all that’s new at Joe Dog’s Gasbar Grill in Burlington we also have a great new look!

Every time you visit Joe Dog’s Gasbar Grill this summer you’ll feel as though you’re on holidays! Our new resort style patio is fully equipped and ready to provide you with whatever you’re in the mood for.

A simple lunch on the patio with your family, a great night out with your pals filled with live entertainment, breakfast anytime, daily drink and food specials, DJ’s and more!  Click here for our schedule and plan your next outing!

If you’re looking for something a little bit classier for a special event or a private party Joe Dog’s in Burlington has got that covered too!

Fuel Lounge, located inside Joe Dog’s, is Burlington’s newest underground club and the place to be for all your group events for people 21years and older.

Our all new gorgeous room holds up to 150 people. We offer many buffet options and large party options to choose from. Bottle service is also available and when you reserve a bottle and a table cover is waived for your group! Call 905 632 5110 to book your party today.

Join our Facebook Page and see theWhat’s New section of the website for more pictures of our great new renovated rooms and patio as well as our great new menu!

Joe Dog’s Gasbar Grill is Burlington’s favourite place for – Fun. Fresh. Food. We’re located at 531 Brant St. in Burlington.